Association of Television Broadcasters of Slovakia / ATVS /

Commercial television stations have decided to create an independent Association of Television Broadcasters of Slovakia (ATVS), whose founding members are MARKÍZA-SLOVAKIA, spol. s r. o., Mac TV, s.r.o. and C.E.N., s.r.o., a similar to association of commercial television broadcasters (AKTV) in the Czech Republic.

Stations (ANRTS). The departure of TV broadcasters from ANRTS took place by mutual agreement and understanding that the television In 2020, there was a change in the structure of the Association of Independent Radio and Television and radio media types need to focus on their own development and legislation. However, the two audiovisual media will remain in close contact and will be mutually supportive in all common interests within the media sphere and policies.

The Association of Television Broadcasters primarily wants to actively participate in creation and modernization of the legislation of television broadcasting and copyright as well as in the formation of the Slovak television market so that these processes are in accordance with European audiovisual legislation. It will advocate a fair market environment in Slovakia and free competition. One of the most important goals of the association remains the protection of freedom of expression and free dissemination of information through television broadcasting. The association also plans closer coordination with its Czech partners.

 “The Association of Television Broadcasters has many tasks ahead of it, but also visions that will lead us to the future meaningful development of television broadcasting. Today, no one doubts that television as a medium is changing and has many options to choose from. To do this, it needs not only energy and investment, but above all good legislation and a transparent environment in which it will be able to carry out its plans,” said Marcel Grega, CEO of JOJ Group.